Happy Holiday

Assalamualaikum :)

Fuh! Close longing blog ni. Even if the laptop is close asrma bwak justified, indeed I will update the blog every harila. Oh, lupe Pulak. To the students of the school, congratulations be on a vacation even though we lived on leave next week. Oh My! je an instant sense of sorts. Not satisfied. Again the slave hostels, heart heaviness kid behind the hostel.

Leave the left over a week I want to do I do not know. To see my old friends again this dock. Busy with holiday near Langkawi. Btw, wish me luck for exam. Paper geo, arabic language, history, civics, CBC ambik not yet ni. hehe. Previous holidays have to predict exam papers. Hopefully simplified.

So, anyone who is going on vacation may safely on their way to and back. That did not go anywhere, we gang beb!

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